Your Wallet and the Decision You Make

Your Wallet and the Decision You Make
March 12, 2018 ARM Life

Do you have a financial plan on your Wallet? What are your financial objectives?

  • Do you want to buy or build a new home?
  • Start your own business?
  • Boost your wallet
  • Pay for college for your child ?
  • Buy the car of your dreams?
  • Or even retire early?
  • How can these objectives be achieved?

Should these dreams be shattered by the unexpected?

Consider this story…

The Adepegbas were an exceptional family. A loving dad, caring mum and three adorable children, theirs was a family made in heaven. Then they lost their breadwinner in a fall while he was ascending the stairway of their new house.

The story got worse when his wife realised there was an outstanding loan on their home. In addition to grief and pain, she now also experienced fear and helplessness. A homemaker, she had left a high-paying job to care for her children, and now, had no one to turn to.

A knock on the door salvaged her from her drowning thoughts. It was the same man who repeatedly requested for the documents following her husband’s demise. What is it now?! she enquired. With an unusual grin and a subtle smile, he handed over an envelope. A quit notice? A loan repayment request? Several thoughts ran through her mind.

With a meek face, she asked Please tell me what this is! He reclined on the sofa next to her and declared, Mrs Awopegba, your husband’s life insurance policy with us is worth 10 million Naira. She could not believe her ears!

But the story could have gone the other way!

Every day, people face a great deal of hardship after the demise of their loved ones. In Africa, and particularly Nigeria, it is almost a taboo to even think about death, let alone talk about it. Yet we all know it is an inevitable outcome. This is why it is crucial that we plan for the unforeseen.

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