As part of our Risk Management Framework, ARM Life has put in place a Whistleblowing System. Because we are dedicated to ethical and fair business conduct, we encourage all stakeholders, such as Agents, Employees, Shareholders, Policyholders, Brokers, Vendors, and Regulators, to disclose actual, potential or suspected instances of misconduct. Be assured that your confidentiality and/or anonymity wishes shall be respected.

Reportable Misconducts include:
  1. Fraudulent/Illegal Conduct
  2. Unethical Conduct
  3. Internal Procedural Breach
  4. Regulatory Compliance Breach
  5. Health & Safety Risks

6. Abuse of Office

7. Misuse of Company Resources

8. Willful Negligence

Misconducts can be disclosed via any of the following channels
  1. Click here to fill a form
  2. Call our whistleblowing hotline on 0700WHISTLEBLOW (0700 9447 8532 569) or 01-4488283.


When you make a Whistleblowing report, kindly refrain from discussing the details of the reported misconduct with other persons, except as part of an investigation

For further information, click here to view a summary of our Whistleblowing Policy

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