Turn The Bend

Turn The Bend - Online Series

This is our very own web series where we share life experinces which will motivate you get a life insurance.

Turn the Bend - Series by ARM Life (Trailer)

Turn the Bend - Episode 1

Fola just survived a car crash. This got Ihuoma thinking…thinking about what?

Turn the Bend: Episode 2

Rent, School Fees, Car repairs; Fola and his wife can’t seem to keep up! 

Turn the bend : Episode 3

Fola is too shocked for words, how can Ihuoma be wishing him dead? 

Turn the Bend: Episode 4

In this episode, Ihuoma came to see her friend for one request…what was it? 

Turn the Bend: Episode 5

Grandma and Grandpa planning on a tour of Europe. Where did they get the money from?

Turn the Bend: Episode 6

Finally, Ihuoma opted for 2 ARM Life Insurance plans for her family, what are they?

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