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When the death of a loved one occurs, many are caught unawares. They struggle to provide for a befitting funeral (because they don’t have enough) and subsequently have problems following up on their personal financial plans.

Have you ever wondered? If something happened to you or your loved ones, there would be additional financial pressure. Who will pay for the funeral without difficulty? The Memorial Plan takes care of the expenses. At ARM Life, the Memorial Plan helps to ensure that you and your loved ones have enough money for a farewell that is expected.

Depending on your protection needs, we offer two types of Memorial Plans:

  1. Limited Protection Plan -This plan is for a defined period of time like five years or 10 years.
  2. Permanent Protection Plan – With this option, protection applies for life. You pay a fixed amount on a regular basis for a fixed term but the benefit continues for the rest of the life of the person for whom the plan is for.

A Memorial Plan provides so much more for you and your family. See why:

  • Start with as low as N10,000 every year
  • You get a tax free lump sum of all your investments on the demise of the person for whom you have bought the protection.
  • In the case something happens to the policy holder before the policy reaches full term, ARM Life will continue to make the contributions for the rest of the term and make it available to the beneficiary at full maturity.
  • Enhanced protection provides additional cover for repatriation, remembrance and hearse
  • We will pay you an additional amount of 30% of your protected amount in time of need
  • You get up to 100% of your total protection for a spouse and parents/parents in-law

A Memorial Plan gives you peace of mind and one less thing for you and your family to worry about. When the eventuality happens, you are sure the burden of your expenses is reduced; and Life, as we know it, continues without any financial problems.

Take that bold step; get a Memorial Plan today!

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