Savings Plan​

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By choosing the Savings plan, You have the means to pay for the things that you desire

Many live a life of sorrow because of the inability to keep up with the rising cost of assets required for a good living. This makes many worry about being able to pay for those things that they want for themselves and their family. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Are you making the most of your money?

Have you thought about how you are going to pay for:
1. The wedding you have always dreamt of?
2. The deposit on the home you want?
3. That overseas trip or family holiday?
4. The education you want to be able to give your children?
5. Any outstanding debt that you owe?
6. Your retirement?

Reduced financial burden

The Savings Plan gives you peace of mind about future expenses. And if something happens to you and you can’t earn the money you and your family need, you know that their financial burden will be a lot less. 

Worry less about life uncertainties

Imagine your family having direct access to funds when they need it; imagine you being able to pay for all those expenses earlier mentioned; all is possible with an ARM Savings Plan with extra protection

  1. Save with as low as N10,000 monthly.
  2. You get a tax free lump sum of all your investments and interest at the end of the Plan which is then used to fund your expenses.
  3. You will be paid a lump sum in the event that something happens to you (critical illness or Permanent Disability).
  4. You can access your money during the contract period (at no charge only after three years). In addition, the policy allows you access to 25% of whatever your account balance is on an annual basis.
  5. We pay the Total Sum Assured should the death of the policy holder occur. This plan also takes care of Funeral expenses (this is an optional benefit).
    We pay twice the amount for which the policy holder is covered, if death of the policy holder is due to an accident. Upon death, the Savings plan contract terminates with immediate effect. The life cover and investment balance are paid to the beneficiary.
  6. You get guaranteed return on investment with attractive rates.

Get an ARM Life Savings Plan today; It’s a decision you’ll love for the rest of your life!

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