Savings Plus Plan

Savings Plus Plan

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By choosing the Savings plan, You have the means to pay for the things that you desire

What are your immediate and future goals? A brand-new car, a vacation to your dream holiday destination, to further your education, or a home of your own? You may not have all the cash to pay for them now, but you can save money towards realising these beautiful desires. ARM Life Savings Plus is designed to help you achieve your goals easily.

Why this is better than just saving
  1. When you save your money using ARM Life Savings Plus, you get your money back at the expiration of your saving tenure, plus the interest yields. Your money is not just laying fallow, it is growing like a seed planted by a Farmer.

  2. You will be paid a tax-free lump sum if something happens to you during the policy period
How It Works
  1. You can start with as low as N5,000 per month.

  2. The minimum amount of money you can save is N100,000. You can always increase it to N500,000 N1 million or N2 million

  3. The minimum age at entry is 18 years whilst the maximum age at entry is 65 years.

  4. An amount which depends on the sum assured you selected, is charged for your life cover.

  5. You can save and get protection with the ARM Life Savings Plus Plan for a period of three years

  6. If you want to stop paying or cancel your contract (policy) with us, you can get your money back without paying any penalties after two years of making contributions.

You will be charged 50% of your accumulated interest if you don’t see out the tenure of your policy in the first year. However, no penalty in the second year and above

What happens if you stop paying for your Life cover?

If you don’t pay for your life cover, your policy contract will lapse. If something should happen to you only your contributions to your savings account will be paid to your loved ones.

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