Protection Plan

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By choosing the Protection plan, Your family is secured if something happened to you

Everyone worries about the future because you never know when you may fall ill or be unable to work. You also want to know that when you are gone, your family won’t be affected. If something happened to you, who will pay for the things that your family needs?

Worry less about future expenses

The Protection Plan from ARM Life gives you peace of mind about future expenses if something goes wrong and you can’t earn the money you and your family need. You can ensure that your family and loved ones get a payout for things like: School Fees, any outstanding Debt that you owe, your Home Loan, everyday expenses, Retirement expenses and more!

Types of Protection Plans
  1.  Limited Protection Plan – This plan is for a defined period of time (five or ten years). It provides Pay-As-You-Go protection that is cheap because if you don’t need the protection during the time that you have this in place, you don’t get anything back.

2. Permanent Protection Plan – With this option, you are protected for your entire life. You pay a fixed amount on a regular basis.

Our Benefits Include;

The Protection plan protects you with loads of living benefits:

  1. You get a tax free lump sum of all your investments and interest at the end of the Plan which is then used to fund your expenses.
  2. You will be paid a lump sum in the event that something happens to you during the contact period (critical illness, permanent disability).
  3. In the event of death, We pay the life cover value to your beneficiary and twice the amount for which the policy holder is covered, if death of the policy holder is due to an accident.
  4. By choice, Death Benefits can be converted to installment payments for the beneficiary as stated by the policyholder at the inception of the Plan.

This is a Protection Plan for those you love – a plan you will never regret all your life.


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