It Helps to Have Someone to Talk to…

It Helps to Have Someone to Talk to…
March 12, 2018 ARM Life

Everything was going just fine

Justin and I had been married a little over a year and we were looking forward to a lifetime of bliss. I had just had my baby and as my body was regaining some normalcy, I began to feel some discomfort around my breast. With my fingers, I also felt a little lump. I thought it was part of my body’s adjustment process so I put it off till I could no longer bear the discomfort. Justin and I booked an appointment to see our doctor.

Life deals a blow

What followed met me unprepared and scared. The diagnostic mammogram did not reveal anything so the doctor ordered an ultra sound. The ultrasound showed a tumor growing in my breast. A biopsy was run and I had to wait for the result which would not be ready for a few days. It proved to be the longest 3 days of my life.
The result came through and it was official: I had a Stage II invasive ductal carcinoma, an aggressive form of breast cancer. Justin and I decided we wanted it removed. A lumpectomy was scheduled but I felt the weight of my reality more in the fact that I was now fighting for my life.

It helps to have someone to talk to

Thankfully, the procedure was successful. While I was in recovery, I slipped in and out of drug-induced sleep but throughout, I felt Justin’s hand holding mine. When I was strong enough, the oncologist came to talk to us and he said, “You are lucky we detected this early enough. The next one year is not going to be easy but you’ll be better for it.”
After one year over which I had rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, a node biopsy showed no trace of the tumor in my body.
Through this experience, I learned to be grateful to have someone to talk to. I couldn’t imagine going through this without a patient and supportive partner to give me strength and courage.

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