Do you occasionally worry about uncertainties regarding your child’s education?

Would you like to ensure that your child gets the quality of education that you desire?

Would you like a guarantee that your child will not drop out of school in an event of any unforeseen circumstance?

At ARM Life, we are aware that equipping children with quality education remains a significant tool to their life-long achievement. This is why we have created the ARM Life Education is Insurance initiative. We’d love to partner with you in ensuring that your child/ward continues to get the education that you planned for them, even in the face of numerous financial demands.

The ARM Life Education plan is a policy taken to erase the fear of uncertainty. It guarantees the completion of a child’s education if anything happens to his/her parents, such as accidental permanent incapacitation or even demise.

What makes this product unique?

  • Low and affordable premium
  • Seamless access to benefits
  • No medical test is required

What’s in it for you?

  • It guarantees that unforeseen circumstances like permanent and total disability, critical illness, or even the demise of a parent/guardian, will not affect the child’s education or lead to the child dropping out of school.
  • It is a personal guarantee from us that we will constantly and promptly pay your child’s school fees up to the maximum assured sum chosen by you.
  • It provides medical benefit to cover injuries sustained by the child whilst in school.
  • Funds (demise, total disability or critical illness benefit) are managed by the trustee for the benefit of the affected pupils/students (optional)

Signing up for the ARM Life Education Plan is easy and hassle-free

  • The parent/guardian selects a preferred sum assured from the table
  • The parent/guardian then completes the proposal form
  • ARM Life verifies the proposal form.
  • The parent/guardian pays the premium as agreed (with school fees)
  • Upon permanent disability, or demise of a parent or guardian, ARM Life takes over payment of your child’s school bills until the sum assured is exhausted or until completion of the child’s education; pending on the sum assured.

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