At ARM Life our recruiting process enforces our philosophy that applicants’ understanding of the ARM culture is as important as the skills and talent they can bring to the Company.

qualities we seek
  1. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  2. Proficiency in the use of computers.
  3. Confident, creative and Intelligent individuals.
  4. Team Players.
  5. Prior experience would be an added advantage.
  6. A relevant masters degree and/or professional qualification.

Please submit your CV and a cover letter stating your career interest. One of our HR Personnel will contact you as soon as there is an opening in your position of interest.

Visit any our Centres:

22, Funsho Williams Avenue, Alaka, Surulere, Lagos.

You may send your CV and covering letter to [email protected] clearly stating as the subject, your position of interest.

You may also upload your CV by completing the form.

How The Process Works

step 1

For candidates who have more than three years relevant experience and a masters degree, your first interview with us will be with the HR manager. This interview is designed to help us get to know you, and for you to ask questions about our Company. This interview will focus primarily on your past experiences and accomplishments as well as your general suitability for and interest in ARM Life.

After this interview, we can determine the best match for you among our hiring units, based on your skills, experiences, and stated preferences. Recent graduates or candidates who have no prior experience will be required to write an aptitude test. The aptitude test will assess your numerical, analytical, communication, problem solving, time management and decision making skills. If you are successful, the interview process will begin.

step 2
  • You may then be invited back for a second interview with the head of the unit that best fits your skills. This is a more technical interview to determine your suitability for the available position.
step 3
  • A third interview with a panel will be scheduled to further determine your suitability for the position you have applied for and the Company.
step 4

The last phase of the interview process is a meeting with the Managing Director. (Applies for only senior positions)

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