Building A Home With Our Mortgage Plan

Building A Home With Our Mortgage Plan
March 12, 2018 ARM Life

See why Tomi needs a Mortgage Plan…

Tomi and Wale with their kids were at home on a lovely weekend. It was a usual Sunday evening with the kids running all over the place while their parents sat down and talked. Dare, their first child ran to his dad and said “daddy, remember you promised we will all go for summer holiday this year”. The parents laughed and said they were working on it.

They had been discussing their financial plans when Wale received a disturbing message on his phone which said “How are you and the family? This is to inform you that I have decided to increase the house rent by 100% effective from your next renewal. Thank you for your usual co-operation and have a nice weekend”.

Seeing the distressed look on her husband’s face, Tomi rushed to  his side to know the content of the message.. She was taken aback when she read the message and to make matters worse, their rent will be due in a couple of months. They had just been discussing the possibilities of getting a mortgage loan but the cost was so high and the requirement scary. The thought of increasing financial obligations and inflation was a cause for concern. There goes the kids planned summer holidays, ‘she thought’.

They both left for work troubled on Monday. Wale discussed with his colleague Gbenga who encouraged him to talk to a bank for a mortgage loan and to put plans in place as delay was costly.

He also told him about his experience when he was building his own home and the mortgage protection plan with ARM Life.

After several deliberations with Tomi and the bankers, Wale finally selected a bank for the loan and put a call through to ARM Life customer care and he was given a vivid explanation of how it works.

It’s another Sunday afternoon months after, and they were in their own home and at peace. Though the kids were a bit disappointed that daddy and mummy did not fulfill their promise of taking them to Europe to spend summer, they were glad that they now had their own space with a playground outside for their outdoor games and so much room to run around.

Wale has the look of a fulfilled man because he knows if something happened to him, his family will have a home without having to worry about paying off your mortgage.

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